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First SMA-John Deal Education Scholarship Awarded
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2002 SMAAA Leadership Scholarship Recipient Named
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Second Henry Scholarship Honoring SMA is Awarded
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Henry Scholarship Honoring SMA Alumni, Faculty and Staff
Inaugural scholarship recipient is selected.
Second $2500 scholarship is still available.

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Photo courtesy Alberto Margarida, SMA '57 -- Scanning: Stephen Arch Jones, SMA ' 69

Staunton Military Academy Campus
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Many thanks to Bob "Gator" Horvath, SMA '49, for contribution of another $500
to the
John Deal Education Scholarship Fund

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Content Contributors
Bruce Baldwin, SMA '49
Thomas E. Cacy, SMA '63
James Cunningham, SMA '56
John Deal, SMA '49 (deceased)
David N. Freidberg, SMA '68
Alan B. Haynes, SMA '57
Richard A. Henderson, SMA '63
John Hooser, SMA '73
Hunter Henry, SMA '46
Bob Horvath, SMA '47
George S. Howard, SMA '65
Arch Jones, SMA '69
Sam Killeffer, SMA '67
Barry B. Longyear, SMA '60
Alberto Margarida, SMA '57
Bob "Baldy" Martin, SMA '47
Lance R. Mehle, SMA '76
Lawrence "Larry" Miller, SMA '69
Mark J. Orr, SMA '73
Darrell W. Richardson, SMA '67
Geoffrey H. Stetson, SMA '69
John "Tewks" Tewksbury, SMA '52
Robert M. Wood, SMA '60

Lynne Kline, niece of Col. Dodge
Greg Moon, son of Col. Moon

Senator Barry M. Goldwater
1909 - 1998

Staunton Military Academy - John Deal
Education Scholarship Fund

Full-Scholarship Goal A Slow Climb

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