The Henry Scholarship Honoring Staunton Military Academy is a $50,000 endowment to Mary Baldwin College, which will fund an annual $2,500 scholarship, given by Hunter W. Henry, Jr., SMA '46, in memory of his parents, Hunter W. and Helen Hargon Henry.

Like many SMA graduates, Hunter's parents sacrificed to give him the opportunity to enrich his education and his future by attending SMA.  In Hunter's case, his parents' sacrifice was borne of hardship and tragedy, because when Hunter was only six years old, his father, a strong, 6'1", 190-pound military reservist, became an invalid, bound to a wheelchair for life as the result of an accident at work on the railroad.  As a consequence of his father's courage and determination to succeed, and his mother's triumph over the hardship it also placed upon her, an inspiring example was set for Hunter that he has followed throughout his life.  He grew to appreciate the value of hard work and facing challenge head on, and he credits his parents' example and his SMA experience for his exemplary success as a business, civic, and family leader.  And so, to memorialize the love and sacrifice of his parents to provide him excellence in education, and to preserve the legacy of Staunton Military Academy, the West Point of the South, that made so indelible a mark upon him and upon thousands of other young men who in Truth, Duty and Honor lived the SMA experience, he has created these scholarships.

The Henry Scholarship Honoring Staunton Military Academy is a perpetual, full scholarship, and it will be awarded annually to the Mary Baldwin College - Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership, junior-year graduate entering her senior year in the ROTC program, who is determined by the Mary Baldwin College administration to be the most outstanding cadet, and who will then represent the SMA legacy on The Hill.


“My intent is to perpetuate the memory of our great and never-to-be-forgotten Staunton Military Academy.  I have always been extraordinarily proud of being a graduate of an academy that had such an exceptional reputation, and my desire is pretty simple... to never let its memory or name die.”

Hunter W. Henry, Jr., SMA '46

The Henry Scholarship for Staunton Military Academy Alumni, Faculty, and Staff is a separate $100,000 endowment to Mary Baldwin College that is in addition to the Henry Scholarship Honoring SMA.  This endowment, from Hunter W. Henry, Jr., honors the SMA and Hunter family traditions of outstanding citizenship and excellence in education, and is perpetually available for award, exclusively to descendants of SMA alumni, faculty, and staff who meet the criteria.  The scholarships it funds will be awarded by Mary Baldwin College to as many as two SMA alumni, faculty, or staff descendants on an annual, competitive basis.


If you have questions about the Henry Scholarships, please contact either of the following:

Mr. Mark Atchison
VP for Institutional Advancement
Mary Baldwin College
Staunton, VA 24401

Phone:  (540) 887-7011

Hunter W. Henry, Jr.
1148 Thousand Oaks Loop
San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone:  (512) 754-7577

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These scholarships are in no way affiliated with or supported by the SMA Alumni Association.

Published April 10, 2000; Revised September 17, 2001