SMA - Beat Squad

Photograph courtesy Bob Horvath, SMA '47

Bob Horvath, Commanding Beat Squad, Circa 1947

"Hut two three four, *spit*... no movies, no Stuart Hall or Fairfax Hall or MBC.  No carnival or townie visitation,  just Big Bob huttin' along with his troop of bad, bad boys.

We see he wears two pips.  Bob must be 1st. Lt. - Captains and higher don't make beat squad.  Most sabre-rank cadets don't.  Note that the command is not in step with the times, the cadet on the far left with left foot forward and eyes not front.  Bob must be distracted to allow such a lapse of discipline from one of his troop so obviously in need of it.  Bob must have just finished, or is thinking about the next boxing practice.

Lament of a Beat Walker

Frank P. Madison, SMA '20