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We're looking for historical links, be they conflicting or not, significant links, or vague links! And, I have new additions to the directory. In the future, there will be links to more interesting armed forces and educational pages, but TOP priority will be given to links which are provided by SMA alums, staff, and families, to which they have some involvement, or to other pages which have general interest. Please provide the URL's for any of which you may be aware.

SMA Canteen

When logging into the SMA Chat Canteen for the first time, you will have to register your "handle" and password. I suggest that you add a dash and the last two digits of your class year after your name (handle), i.e., "Mal-65" Don't use quotes. Keep the handle as short as possible and don't use all caps, because the listing is in a separate side frame (window) which you will want to keep as narrow as possible to allow more space for the message frame.

After you log in, instructions for use of the features are in the lower frame containing your "say it" dialogue box. The system does not automatically notify of entries and departures, so it is best to enter "logs in" when you arrive and "logs out" when leaving. This will let new arrivals know whether or not you are really on the board. Have fun.

No, this Mona was never among some of our very special friends who shared the Staunton experience while in attendance at this top, off-duty destination: an elite neighbor, situated near the base of the hill just across town. Their pages have been changed to reflect and link their new, vastly improved Web site. Click the doors and windows on the building in the picture to find the new Stuart Hall...and so very much more.

Visit the virtual home of the new Hill dwellers. And, another view of the changes is here.

Staunton's Leading Hosts

Staunton Daily News Leader Online

Staunton's Historical Chronology

Web-search around the globe with WebCrawler!


An SMA sponsored series, Bridges, first in the series, celebrates the 60th birthday of the world's greatest bridge.

An SMA sponsored social-sciences series. Connect with the rich heritage of America's early civilizations.

Read the continuing story of a jokingly self-proclaimed Ugly American's (an SMA graduate of the class of '68) exodus to a new life, viewed through the peaceful eyes of a smile.

Go along with an SMA graduate of the class of '67, as he boldly enters a remote wilderness to build a new life...and a new congregation.

The storms in the air are examined, nature's own and those man-made, peculiar to the air in the home town of this site: Miami, Florida. Read the continuing story of corruption and injustice, how it could be worse and A Miami Christmas Story, while accessing the latest GEOS satellite image, information about the latest threats, or any kind of ongoing weather research.

An SMA sponsored science series. This page begins you on a trek through astronomy, exploring Mars , the Earth sciences, and the best links to the resources and archives of working science available on the Net. Get an update on the latest doomsday-asteroid search results.

Nothing on Earth could come between them. The fictional romance between Jack and Rose is what has captured the hearts of moviegoers who have made James Cameron's epic movie into the biggest dollar-soaking flick of all time. This page celebrates that romance and the international hit theme song, performed by Celine Dion, which expresses it. Also floating around are links to the deepest Titanic historical data and resources on the Web.


Connect with a single classmate or have a conference with up to seven participants, using e-mail addresses and no long-distance charges, ever! Leave minimized when on-line to receive, easy as a few clicks to call out. Live, type-and-read interface technology--has interactive whiteboard and sound too.

Devoted to linking U.S. military brats with their past, friends, family, alumni and online resources.

The C & O For Progress
Remember that pussy cat? The sound, feel and odor of the rail? The C & O pulling into Richmond Station? The private girls schools' student bodies boarding the connecting Silver Star or Silver Meteor train there to return home for their "furloughs?" This C & O Historical Society site will awaken some of those special SMA memories.

GALT TECHNOLOGIES' Securities Quotes & Charting
One of the best securities quote, chart, and track sources on the Net, and there are no fees for the extensive services provided. If you're an on-line trader, or just following your investments, you'll find this page to be very useful.

Excite's Map-It City.net
This free and clever service makes finding locations and maps easy, and it allows you to mark street locations on zoomable maps where you can pinpoint your home, business, or any location in the street database, which you can print or save as gif's and attach to e-mail as a handy locator for visitors.

J-Track Visible Satellite Mapping
This remarkable service makes finding Earth-visible satellites, like MIR, Hubble and the Space Shuttle easy, and it allows you view current weather systems and day-night zones, all in real-time, all at the same time. This site requires that your browser be Java capable and that it be turned on; there is no non-Java format.