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Minute of Silence

Minute of Silence is a two-part novel.  The first part takes place in the 1950s and is woven around the terrors and crimes committed at sea as seamens' unions and shipowners fought for control of the American waterfront.  The setting for the second part is from the mid 1980s to date and depicts the result of corporate greed's destruction of the United States Merchant Marine, making disasters such as the Exxon Valdez inevitable.  Readers of this novel will come away knowing far more about the United States Merchant Marine.  But it is the broader aspect of my exposé and the fatal impact it must have on our "Ship of State" that I hope to have reach the American public before our "collision course" is inescapable.

Larry Reiner, Member - Seafarers International Union

    ...a terrifying tale of the high seas...
    ...a searing exposé of a looming national disaster...riveting...
    Sea History - National Maritime Historical Society

    Reiner's first novel is a blockbuster.
    Seafarers Log

    ...has a ring of authenticity lacking in many novels of the sea.
    James T. Lafferty - Lookout

The Other Shore

Brace yourself for an adventure ride full of twists and turns and just good, downright suspense building drama dripping with action.  The Other Shore is worth the read just to find out what happens to the May December relationship between Captain Al Stacey and Bonnie MacGivern.  And that's just a sub-plot!

Wait until you set sail with Captain Stacey on the Tripoli Shores, a huge maritime prepositioning ship that is a giant powder keg waiting to blow.  Supporting Desert Storm is Stacey's mission.  Blowing up the Tripoli Shores is the mission of the STASI officer, The Palestinian Freedom Fighter, and the Iraqi terrorist.  While Mossad agents look for answers, the Tripoli Shores becomes a "Trojan Ship."  How will Stacey rise to this, his greatest challenge?

    The Other Shore is master-spun with love, hate, drama, action, murder, international intrigue, bravery... all laid out with power and clarity by Larry Reiner, a man with nearly 50 years' experience as a merchant seaman.  He knows his subject matter like no other writer alive.  His characters have depth and will create strong feelings with the reader.  He writes with authority.  Of course , that has a lot to do with having been there.  Reiner served on a U S Marine maritime prepositioning ship during Desert Storm--even experiencing Scud attacks in Tel Aviv ala Captain Stacey in The Other Shore.
    Jim Dobkins, author

    The Other Shore is a beaut.  The plot--or I should say plots--hold the reader's attention.  The characters come alive.  The dialog is real and to the point.  It would be perfect for a movie...
    Myron Kaufmann, author

    The reader is pulled with breathtaking speed through a taut drama of adventure, intrigue and love that is as current as the Six O'Clock news.
    Alice E. Monsarrat, author

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